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To draw is to see? I choose to see intrinsically, subconsciously, with imagination!


A blend of alien organic shapes and patterns, abstract surreal psychedelic, with a tint of 3D graffiti.

Alien Organics is what I've called my art style since around late 90s, it is an evolving process of imagination and perception of shapes & forms, refined by a passion for details, towards what to me appear interesting. To draw inspiration from any art faction that could fit in what I wish to develop in any particular drawing, there are no other rules except ones I decide, for my art.

Elements can be extracted to indicate an interest in the abstraction from things, so in some essence it can be characterized as abstract art, non objective at times, but people see things all the time in my drawings, which gives a ground for amusement. I am not particularly interested in one categorization of my art though, a limitation of the mind. It would be better with a tag system, even that limiting to some extent, but it would work better. I do however see that it is a need in many, classify it at your own peril.

The Process

Tapping into a state being connected to subconscious perception and allowing randomness and an eye for what appears interesting, a flow of drawing objects, scenes and details, seeing connections in shapes and patterns, without much planning, letting a creative process not be too dominated by a mind's afflictions for limitations, but with a mind process of refinement towards something undefined. Nothing is initially meant to depict anything, it is a pure abstractness, resulting in an openness for free perception to see different things based on one's own awareness and impressions. 

Some History

Since a kid I've had a keen fascination with shapes and forms, doodling on paper in countless school classes, letting thoughts wander. In later teen years I got into graffiti on paper, creatively shaped and connected letters as an art form, and later put this into a developing combination of purer abstract intent. Also a fascination with tribal & tattoo designs, skateboard and surfer art, and sci-fi artists, works from known artists like H.R. Giger, M.C. Escher and many others have given me inspiration throughout the years, while developing my own uniqueness in styles and techniques, always trying to expand and break out of mind boundaries and limitations in habitual patterns.

Read more about me and my background in Info: The Artist

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