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I am uploading some webcam-filmed drawings from time to time at Vimeo (I made a special chan: or if you prefer youtube, check



A shapie project, with Uni Pen set 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8. It has been fixed up in Photoshop with Artistic-Cutout and some minor editing. Original was on 14" x 17" sheet, scanned at 1200dpi.

These kind of patterns, or intertwined chaos more like it, is my 2D style, it varies in expression, this is also a kind of practicing for painting on walls at home here, which I plan to do next.

I named it based on my state when drawing it, "SiCurrent" since I have this constant feeling of current flowing through my body and I feel a bit weird from it, stressed nerves perhaps.



Ok I decided to just put it here, "Confused" my latest "what is it?" project, about 177 hours of drawing in intervals on an A4 sheet, it is small, a bit messy also since scanned 40 times without fixation, but it is ok, it is what I could do with it ! :)

I started drawing this one after finishing "Confused" and wrote a poem to go with it, make out of it what you want but the poem and title is what it looks like to me, two aliens dancing in a padded cell.

I decided to update the design for and find back to my Graffiti and Hip Hop roots, I've been fascinated by the culture & lifestyle since mid 80s, been a few years, and as with most I'm a bit of an outsider, but still connect with what resonates well with me!

So my new "tagline" or what to call it (from Juggaknots - Trouble Man) "Your mind's blinded to say ya haven't seen this, as I walk the fine line between insanity and genius", which to me depicts an eye for a world more insane than me, and those that see me as way out there sometimes, well all I can say is, that goes both ways? =) Normality for me sometimes feels like a crazy thing, and I do struggle with it a lot on the inner even when it doesn't show, but things come and go, good and bad, all of it you know, better be ready because today might be the day; of joyful experience in the "now". The Juggaknots track you can listen to here and this one too is a recently found boombap treasure.

Oh, and there's the new logo, which I had a hard time with because just tiny changes in letter distortion and there was so many personality changes in those letters and combo, 6 hours I was stuck tweaking those letters :crazy: but it's ok now, I think! :D

And you can check the Gallery with implemented jQuery Isotope grid thing for K2 items which I coded in PHP, for those that have webdesign interest, still a bit WIP on that though, but I paid for a license to anyways =) Site is still slow, so I am pondering since they look decent & cheap, for a CDN for a poor artist, but we'll see.



Scanner compensates for distance from surface, by a weird morph effect, that's why I've had problems matching some drawings to previous scans, hard to "fix" even in Photoshop, depending on microscopic distance of parts of a sheet if not 100% flat, which often it isn't once it is touched and drawn on, even though not visible to the naked eye, how the scanner sees.

If you look at it from a distance, it looks almost holographic to me, do you see it? What if it could be algorithmically reverse engineered back to looking right, in 3D?! Using some reference item scanned first and then calculated for distance/3D adjustment, using your scanner as a "3D" / holographic scanner. A silly idea?  I stumbled over this:



This one, well I feel I overdid the shading and contrast, but not too unhappy with the result anyways!

Started off with 2B, 2H 4H (some fave starters), and went around with the range, should probably use more of the higher H ones, but used from 6B to 5-7H a lot of mid range and Bs. On Strathmore Bristol 500 Slate paper, size of drawing? hmm 23.3cm x 19.3cm boundingbox (9.17 x 7.59 inches).



Another "work a bit on when feeling like it" project "completed". I spent a bit excessive time on shading and detailing on this one.. It turned out slightly dark but hey =) It is quite small on paper, about 19 cm (7.6") tall. I like drawing small, still would be interesting to draw bigger too at some point, just fear that I would end up spending "infinity" on OCD shading, maybe I should try to break out of that craving, sometimes!

Assorted pencils 9H to 9B by "oh now I'll use this" ordering, on "Strathmoore Bristol plate surface 500 Premium 100% cotton ultrasmooth" paper. Background cleaned and some contrast heightened in Photoshop.

I worked on this one for a long time, it's been just kept as a "work a bit on when feeling like it" project. I got a few of these.. well it is now "finished" as far as I can accept to put it online.. It is based on some affliction I've had towards making mask-like objects in the past, well, you could argue my "masks" look like they might fit Goofy o.O. The original spans about 50% of an A4 about the size of a CD cover, assorted Derwent Graphic pencils on Bristol smooth paper.

Finally, the sequel for the "Subconscious Perceptions", my main, or side project for over a year now, it took a while (!) Alternate title "Peekaboo", if you can find my eyes and head, its there, hidden in the details. Some of you mightve seen earlier versions and can tell from that, or the progress which is included in the full article as a 6-step scanned image sequence.

Pencil on A3 Bristol Slate paper, fixated a bit too many times, but turned out ok after some Photoshop retouch. I got the original prepared at 19k x 13k pixels for print, I think it does well as an A2 or even A1, some closeups are included too in the full article.



Nocturnal project from just finished pencil drawing called "SUBME" ..subconscious me, submerged me, or something like that. Scanned and combined with an old pen drawing, and a couple WIP drawings, just had some fun at night making this.

It is drawn mainly with pencils on Strathmore Bristol Slate paper, just scanned/Photoshopped into this collage, the three other drawings used for texture/background are one drawn with pen, and a new coming (sometime) A4 pencil drawing, and the most detailed one is the yet to be released sequel for the "Subconscious Perceptions" in my gallery. I hope to complete it soon, been working on that off and on for well over a year now, covering every inch, most of it is hidden in this collage, just some hinted in the top/bottom, like a "teaser/trailer" o.O before the new A3 is finished, nearing..



I called this one "Ghoulmare", a combination of a Ghoul (ghūl - Arabic: literally demon) and a (Night)mare, in an attempt to connect eastern & western culture a bit on the idea of this creature:

"Ghoulmare"  © Thomas "Intrinsic" Hellesen If you have nightmares
asleep, awake or inbetween
wondering what will prove
fake, or bring real a dream
a lot being at stake it seems
beware of the tentacles of
creepy crawling mindfiends
"Ghoulmare"  © Thomas "Intrinsic" Hellesen


Drawn on Strathmore Bristol Plate Surface paper with assorted Pencils B8-B6-B4-B3-H-H2-H3-H4-H8 I think, scanned before fixation for heightened level of detail.




Assorted ink pens.. Pen set 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8. It has been fixed up in Photoshop with Artistic-Cutout and some minor editing. Original was on 14" x 17" sheet, scanned at 1200dpi.
It is as therapy, calming, connecting shapes and filling the sheets.
These kind of patterns, or intertwined chaos more like it, is my 2D style, it varies in expression.











Intrinsic WIP

[Description to come]





Mask Revisited









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