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Another "Piece with poem" I wrote in 2010. To me it is about changes in reality perception, evolving while alive (!) ..finding one's space. It is a bit "dark" perhaps, but hints of good intentions..




Just to post another drawing, a semi-quick "sketch" done at night (Pencil B2 I think, on Bristol smooth A4 paper) in a passionate session last year, and as proclaimed I will be posting more drawings and write a few words.



So, I decided it was about time to post more @ the blog here. I've been stuck with some muscular issues from strain, still am, but why not get a few posts out in between anyhow? =) Here is another drawing from 2010; "Swirling". It's a style-experiment where I've tried to combine my AlienOrganics style, with elements of repetition; the oval plantlike shapes, and parts that might be somewhat "tribal" in nature, drawing inspiration from tribal art and tattoo art and making it into an Alien Organics unique combination project. While drawing on this also I have had intervals with tedious attention to small details in a small area, and sometimes looking more at the whole "thing", depending on mood and the ability to "see" where to go with it, it varies =)








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