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"Portality"  © Thomas "Intrinsic" Hellesen "Portality" © Thomas "Intrinsic" Hellesen © Thomas "Intrinsic" Hellesen

Just finished this drawing and chose to name it "Portality", then saw there was a movie not released with an interesting description: "Portality is a meditation of a place neither inside nor outside created through passage and connection. The film utilizes the idea of mnemonic devices and the art of memory as the threshold into the imagination. It explores the deception of perspective, paranoia, and space. Through rudimentary distortion, reminiscent of childlike perception, the film initiates instinctive reactions of the disoriented in the face of the unknown." Now I want to see that movie..

Well, here is the drawing, just completed, scanned and fixed up, and this time no covering watermark/logo, the scan is higher res though, and some detailing gets lost, the original is 12x18cm on A4 Bristol smooth paper, with no fixation yet, which actually heightens the level of details. I need to find a better fixative spray, one that lets me draw subsequent layers without losing paper(coating) quality. I just got a new electric pencil-sharpener too, which gives even sharper pencils, very nice! up next: even more micro control.

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Last modified on 2012-05-20

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