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Written by Intrinsic

Ok I decided to just put it here, "Confused" my latest "what is it?" project, about 177 hours of drawing in intervals on an A4 sheet, it is small, a bit messy also since scanned 40 times without fixation, but it is ok, it is what I could do with it =)

Clicking image underneath you'll see a 1920px width version:

"Confused"  © Thomas "Intrinsic" Hellesen


8B to 8H regular lead pencils (Derwent Graphics) and a couple Derwent Onyx ones which I really enjoy since they are harder yet dark, compared to regular leads which are a bit too soft for detailing when you move below about 6B.. And yes I did some minor contrast work in Photoshop, as pencils do not have this kind of contrast, fyi.

For reference size-wise, here's a comparison of A4 vs US Letter size ..another 2012 fullsheet of mine, "Esoteric Allusions" was on A3, twice the size of this one but also rather small, I guess I like drawing tiny things.

Update! Here is the final animation on Youtube!

I might add a higher res animated gif too, later.. =)


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